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Dog of the Month – December 2015

Nosey isn’t nosey… well any more than any of our hounds. He’s our December Dog of the Month! Nosey loves to play with toys, especially peanut butter filled kong toys, and loves kids. He will cuddle right up with you in the evenings, and keep you warm during the cold winter months. He would do best […]

Dog of the Month – November 2015

Our November Dog of the Month, Angel, is full of wuv. She wuvs to go for walks, wuvs to get in her kennel, wuvs to beg for food (you, seriously, are going to share that, right?!?!), and she will wuv you too! Looking for a little extra wuv this holiday season? I mean come on… […]

Dog of the Month – October 2015

Well hello there 🙂 Welcome to our site. We’re glad you decided to stop in, and have a look around. We know what you’re looking for though… candy. Oh yes, it’s that time of year where we dress up and say, “trick or treat!” In the hopes that no one really wants to take us […]

Dog of the Month – September 2015

You know what’s great about fall, in the midwest? Walks! Nice long, strolls as the temps cool down, and the leaves begin to change colors. Walking in the fall is a great way to relieve stress and improve your health. And of course our September Dog of the Month loves to take walks too! She’s Marti! […]

Dog of the Month – August 2015

Pending! Raider thinks he’s found that special family to call his own. Stay tuned for our September Dog of the Month! Indiana: Give me the whip! Raider: Throw me the treats. No time to argue! Throw me treats, I’ll throw you the whip! Indiana throws the treats: Give me the whip! Raider: OK, here you […]

Dog of the Month – July 2015

Our Dog of the Month for July, is Laci! As you can see she’s ready to take center stage, and shine as the true star that she is. Laci came into rescue after her family developed severe allergies, and could no longer keep her. Both they and Laci were devastated. With some love (and treats) […]

Dog of the Month – June 2015 (Take 2)

Hey everybody! It’s June, and that means it’s time for a new Dog of th… wait a second. I feel like we already did this. If we didn’t already do this then why are we just now posting the June Dog of the Month, on the eighth? I’m pretty sure I can still count (1, […]

Dog of the Month – June 2015

Our June Dog of the Month is Pink! (And that’s not just the color of her tongue 😉 Pink just got done giving birth to seven puppies in March. The puppies have been adopted out (puppies never stay long with us), and Pink has been improved so that this puppy thing doesn’t happen again. However, now […]

Dog of the Month – May 2015

April showers bring May flowers… and a new Dog of the Month! For the month of May our pup is George! Ahhwww… George’s foster mom likes to call him Georgio because he is so handsome. We certainly agree. George loves to play, especially tug-o-war. He is great with other dogs, and does well with people […]

Dog of the Month – April 2015

Our April 2015 Dog of the Month is a well behaved, lovable older gent. Meet Auggie! Auggie loves to nap in the sun, go for car rides, and especially go for walks. He loves walks! He does well with other dogs, and is kennel, and doggy door trained. If you want to find out more […]

Dog of the Month – March 2015

It’s March. Spring is just around the corner and we’ve got an adorable, bonded pair as our Dogs of the Month! Edith and Archie love hanging out with their people. Cuddling on the couch, or going for walks. They do just fine on a double lead. When they came into rescue they had those nasty […]

Dog of the Month – February 2015

Our Dog of the Month for February is a whole lot of basset! With some lab thrown into the mix. Meet Theodore!   Look at those big puppy dog eyes! He’s saying, “Seriously Mom? Is this all the food I get? I said I wanted all the food.” Theodore (Theo for short) is a little […]

Dog of the Month – January 2015

Whoa! Ummm… where did 2014 go? We feel like it was just here, a moment ago. Then, BAM! It’s gone, like a squirrel on a fence post when it catches sight of a beagle tearing through the yard, right at it. Run squirrel, run! He’s going to get you! Haha 🙂 What? You don’t have […]

Dog of the Month – December 2014

During the holidays there’s always room for more. More guests, more food, and more giving. Here at BBRH we thought why not more dogs? Yes, we do always think, “why not more dogs,” but we digress. For our December Dog of the Month were doubling up with brothers Brando (left) and Winston (right)!   These pups are the […]

Dog of the Month – October 2014

Everyone say hello to Porkchop, our October 2014 Dog of the Month. Porkchop loves to be a goof. Start scratching his back, and you will soon find him rolling over for some good ol’ belly scratching. He spent the first few years of his life, unloved and left out on a chain, where he contracted […]

Dog of the Month – September 2014

Our Dog of the Month for September is Jalapeno Jack! Jalapeno, JJ, or just Jack is known for his love of all things fun. Fetching is fun. Running around the yard is fun. Belly rubs are super fun! People are awesome! He loves people of all sizes. He loves other dogs, and does fine with […]

Dog of the Month – August 2014

In August, in the Midwest, normally it’s hotter than… well… A lot of other places! That can make you dream of cool ocean breezes. The wind in your hair, fresh air, salt spraying against your face. But you’re from the midwest! You don’t know how to sail! You need a real sailor to help get […]

Dog of the Month – July 2014

Our July 2014 Dog of the Month is the snuggle-buddy extraordinaire himself, Bodey! Bodey loves the outdoors. Walking, playing in the back yard, lounging in the sun, are his kind of activities. When he’s inside he loves to curl up on the couch with his foster family and soak up the love. You can find out […]

Dog of the Month – June 2014

We here at BBRH know that a lot of times people want dogs who are energetic, but not too energetic.  You want them to curl up with you on the couch, but never leaving the couch isn’t what you’re looking for either. In a word… a Goldilocks dog. Well if Buddy, our June 2014 Dog […]

Dog of the Month – May 2014

Bunnies beware, because Mac is our May Dog of the Month. When Mac isn’t busy protecting his foster house from squirrels, rabbits, chipmunks, and any other small critters who think they can muscle in on his territory, he likes to chew on bones, and play! He does very well with people, big and small, and […]

Dog of the Month – April 2014

For April our Dog of the Month is Jackson! Jackson is a bassador (basset/lab mix) who does great with other dogs.  He loves to go for walks, and is learning all sorts of new tricks like sit, stay, kennel, and leave it. Being a lab mix, Jackson is very energetic.  So, he would like to find a […]

Dog of the Month – March 2014

For the month of March we have two great Dogs of the Month, Lucy and Ethel! We are Lucy and Ethel. We are about 2 years old and looking for our forever home together. When we first come to your home we will be a little shy and jumpy, but once we get to know you we […]

Dog of the Month – January 2014

With a new year brings a new Dog of the Month.  This month our featured pooch is Tilda (a.k.a. Tilly)! Wait a second… That’s not a beagle, or a basset. Nope!  Tilda is a lab mix.  She was in line to take a long walk off a short pier, in a high-kill shelter. 🙁  We […]

Dog of the Month – November 2013

Sally May is a 13 yr old beagle. She’s fostered in Omaha NE and has been in our rescue for 3 years. You would never know she’s 13 though, because she loves to take you for your walk!! It’s her favorite thing to do. After her power walk, she’s ready for napping the afternoon away. […]

Dog of the Month – October 2013

As we usher in another fall season, we look forward to cooler daytime temperatures, and chilly nights.  You know, now that I mention it, you look cold. “I actually feel pretty comfortable,” you say. No, you’re definitely very chilly.  I know just what you need! “What?” you inquire An adorable beagle/basset mix to cuddle with […]

Dog of the Month – September 2013

Boo Bear went to his forever home today.  Yea!  Stay tuned for our October DotM. Knock Knock Who’s there? Boo Boo who? Don’t cry… because Boo Bear is our September Dog of the Month! Hi, my name is Boo Bear. I’m a gentle bear, though! I will melt your heart with my sweet smile, calm […]

Dog of the Month – August 2013

August means back to school, an end to summer, and a new Dog of the Month!  This month we’re highlighting Riley Rae! Riley Rae is an approximately 6 year old beagle, who was rescued from a puppy mill. She was very shy when she first entered foster care.  She is now much more comfortable around […]

Dog of the Month – July 2013 (Take 2)

For the second month in a row we have adopted out our Dog of the Month! Which means… yep, you guessed it… We get to have another Dog of the Month.  Our pup for the latter half of the month is Champ.   Um… Champ?  Cha-mp… Wake up buddy.  You’re on!  Everyone is ready to see […]

Dog of the Month – July 2013

Everyone say hello to Bubba, our July Dog of the Month!   Bubba came to us after his owner passed away.  They unfortunately had no plan for someone to take Bubba.  It’s important to consider your furry family members in your estate planning.  Bubba was at a shelter for a while before we picked him […]

Dog of the Month – June 2013

We know it’s not June quite yet.  But Brooklyn, our May DotM, was adopted.  Yea! So, say hello, or if you’re a dog who can read say woof, to Bailey, our June 2013 Dog of the Month! Bailey loves walks.  She does well chewing on bones, or elk antlers (as opposed to your shoes).  She loves people, […]

Dog of the Month – May 2013

Say hello to Brooklyn, our May 2013 Dog of the Month! From Brooklyn’s foster mom, “Words can’t describe how sweet she is. She loves other dogs and especially kids. She has been around kids as young as 18 months and was very gentle and cautious with them.  She enjoys being outside and will just play […]

Dog of the Month – April 2013

Meet Nelson Our April 2013 Dog of the Month   Poor Nelson can’t help himself.  He has serious ups! (That means he can jump high for those not familiar with leaping beagle jargon.) For this reason Nelson is looking for a forever home with a 6-foot privacy fence. Check out his profile, or if you want […]

Dog of the Month – March 2013

 Honey BEEEEEEeeeeee! She is an adorable Lab/Collie mix (What would that be Labrollie, Collidore, eh I dunno…). She is a puppy, and full of energy, but still loves to cuddle it up!  Would she be a welcome addition to your family? Check out her profile, or don’t delay (Procrastination makes you deaf.  I’m pretty sure […]