Adoption FAQ

Do you adopt to families outside of Nebraska?

Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland is based in Omaha, Nebraska, with a network of volunteers across Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. We will work with families located in these states and in immediately surrounding areas. We do adoptions outside this area on a case by case basis. If you live outside of this area, please check to find a rescue close to where you live.

How much do you charge to adopt? Why is it so expensive?

The adoption fees range from $375-$600 depending upon the age and health of the hound. We spend significantly more on veterinary care for our bassets and beagles than we receive in the adoption fees, so the cost to adopt is not negotiable.

Please realize that adopting a new puppy or dog is not a small financial commitment. If you are unwilling or unable to pay an adoption charge now, you should consider whether you are prepared to pay your hound’s future veterinary bills, which could potentially be hundreds to thousands of dollars.

I submitted an application a few days ago. Why haven’t I heard anything yet?

Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland is run entirely run by volunteers. Please allow 14 days after you submit an application for a volunteer to contact you. If it has been beyond this time frame, please send us an email to to ensure we received your application.

I submitted an application, but I am no longer interested in adopting or adopted a different dog.

Please send us an email to, and we’ll remove you from our list.

Do you guarantee the health of your foster dogs?

Unfortunately, due to the nature of rescue, we do not always know the full background of the bassets and beagles we take in, so we cannot guarantee the health of the dogs. All dogs taken into our care have been checked by a veterinarian and we will disclose any health problems that we are aware of.

Do you have a location where I can meet the bassets and beagles?

All of our dogs and puppies live in foster homes in Nebraska, Kansas, Missouri and Iowa. While this means we do not have a central location where you can visit them, it does allow the dogs to get used to living with a family in a home, and it allows us to have a better understanding of each dog’s needs and personality.

If you are interested in meeting some of the pups we have available for adoption, we encourage you to check out their online profiles and come see us at our upcoming events listed on our Facebook page.

Why is your adoption application so long?

Many pets are returned to shelters and rescues because they do not fit into the adopting families’ lifestyles, or because the family is unable to meet the dog’s needs. As you can imagine, this is stressful on both the family and the dog.

Our goal is to match our available bassets and beagles with the best applicant possible so the dog can have a truly “forever” home. In order to do this, we need information about our applicants so we can match the dog’s needs with the lifestyle and desires of the adopting family.