Dog of the Month – July 2013 (Take 2)

For the second month in a row we have adopted out our Dog of the Month!

Which means… yep, you guessed it… We get to have another Dog of the Month.  Our pup for the latter half of the month is Champ.



Um… Champ?  Cha-mp… Wake up buddy.  You’re on!  Everyone is ready to see you… Champ?

Well, doggy naps are serious business here, and you know what they say about sleeping rescue dogs… That’s right, you should rub their bellies.

When Champ isn’t perfecting the art of relaxation you can find him being the perfect dog.  He is a Beagle/German Sheppard mix (we think).  He’s recently learned shake and roll over.  He gets along great with other dogs, and loves people.  We mean REALLY loves people!  You won’t be able to resist the urge to love on him, and he will call you out if you don’t stop to say hello.

champ01_130706So, what are you waiting for?  Fill out an Adoption Application for Champ today, right now… Why are you still reading this?  Go!  Or to find out more about Champ check out his full profile.