Dog of the Month – October 2013

img_a1745599aa1As we usher in another fall season, we look forward to cooler daytime temperatures, and chilly nights.  You know, now that I mention it, you look cold.

“I actually feel pretty comfortable,” you say.

No, you’re definitely very chilly.  I know just what you need!

“What?” you inquire


An adorable beagle/basset mix to cuddle with you and keep you warm!  (You know I’m right.) And we here at BBRH have just the one for you…  Meet Andy!

Andy loves to cuddle up at night, and would be a great companion to help you stay warm this fall, and winter.

He is a little shy at first, and can find new people and places scary.  But with a little love (How could you not love that face?) he will come around, and be a loyal, long time companion.

So, fill out an Adoption Application for Andy today! Or if you want to find out more about him, check out his full profile.