Dog of the Month – January 2014


With a new year brings a new Dog of the Month.  This month our featured pooch is Tilda (a.k.a. Tilly)!

Wait a second… That’s not a beagle, or a basset.

Nope!  Tilda is a lab mix.  She was in line to take a long walk off a short pier, in a high-kill shelter. 🙁  We just couldn’t let that happen!  We are glad, once again, that we are terrible at saying no, because Tilda is a great dog.

Tilly’s signature feature is lopsided ears.  The one just doesn’t want to stay up, or the other just won’t lie down.  We’re not sure which, but it sure makes her cute!

Her foster mom is working on her training, and she doesn’t jump, knows sit, and can shake.  Tilly is very smart.  She also likes getting her ears scratched, hugs, and loves people!  She doesn’t know you yet, but she loves you already ;).

Tilda does well with her foster siblings, but some dogs she just doesn’t like.tilda04_130618

So, fill out an Adoption Application for Tilly today! Or if you want to find out more about her, check out her full profile.