Dog of the Month – June 2014

We here at BBRH know that a lot of times people want dogs who are energetic, but not too energetic.  You want them to curl up with you on the couch, but never leaving the couch isn’t what you’re looking for either. In a word… a Goldilocks dog.

buddy01_140607Well if Buddy, our June 2014 Dog of the Month, met Goldilocks he would probably like her just fine!  He might like the bears, even. If they are nice to him.


Buddy does well with other dogs.  He loves to romp and play.  However, he also loves to cuddle up with you on the couch. buddy03_140511He is crate trained, house broken, and knows some basic commands.


You have kids, you say? Buddy loves kids! He would be great in a house with some children to run around with. He is just a fun loving, easy going guy. Just look at that smile.

You can find out more about Buddy, here, in his profile.  Already seen everything you need to see? Then why wait? You can fill out an Adoption Application today.