Dog of the Month – January 2015

Whoa! Ummm… where did 2014 go? We feel like it was just here, a moment ago. Then, BAM! It’s gone, like a squirrel on a fence post when it catches sight of a beagle tearing through the yard, right at it. Run squirrel, run! He’s going to get you! Haha 🙂

What? You don’t have a dog to chase squirrels out of your yard? You home is defenseless against the squirrel army? Oh no! Red! You are needed, and therefore will be our January Dog of the Month.



Red is one smart pup. He will be sure to protect your house from squirrelly-squirrels, wascally wabbits, and other villainous varmints.

When he’s not searching the back yard for the scents of trouble, he loves to go for car rides, and walks. If he is ready to go for a walk, he knows to get his leash. Like we said, smarty-pants!

If you want to find out more about Red, check out his Bio. If you are interested in adopting him, you can review our Adoption Policies, including our Adoption Application.

As always, if you can’t adopt one of our pups, consider Fostering a dog, or Donating to support our rescue efforts.