Dog of the Month – October 2015

Well hello there 🙂
Welcome to our site. We’re glad you decided to stop in, and have a look around.
We know what you’re looking for though… candy.
Oh yes, it’s that time of year where we dress up and say, “trick or treat!” In the hopes that no one really wants to take us up on the “trick” option. We just want the candy lady, don’t get cute.
But all that sugar… it’s not good for you. May we suggest an alternate treat this year?

He’s sweet!
He’s handsome!
He’s Rusty! Our October Dog of the Month!

Rusty would love to help you usher in fall, by taking long walks to look at the leaves, or sitting with you outside in the sun.

He loves people, but gets anxious around young children. Older children are fine, though.

So, what do you say? Skip the sweets and get years of love from this handsome guy? Sounds like a real treat! 😉

If you want to find out more about Rusty, you can check out his bio, or fill out an Adoption Application, today.