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BBRH Website admin, and two time beagle adopter.

Dog of the Month – May 2013

brooklyn03_130329Say hello to Brooklyn, our May 2013 Dog of the Month!

From Brooklyn’s foster mom, “Words can’t describe how sweet she is. She loves other dogs and especially kids. She has been around kids as young as 18 months and was very gentle and cautious with them.  She enjoys being outside and will just play and lay in the yard for hours…”



Looking for a smarty-pants beagle?  Then Brooklyn is the dog for you!  She knows sit, stay, shake, laydown, and is currently working on gentle. She loves to take her tie blanket and roll herself in it.

Check out her 
profile, or fill out an Adoption Application today.


Dog of the Month – April 2013

nelson02_130402Meet Nelson

Our April 2013 Dog of the Month


Poor Nelson can’t help himself.  He has serious ups! (That means he can jump high for those not familiar with leaping beagle jargon.) For this reason Nelson is looking for a forever home with a 6-foot privacy fence.

Check out his profile, or if you want a beagle, and can handle the fence requirement, then skip right on over to the Adoption Application.

Dog of the Month – March 2013

honeybee01_130312 Honey BEEEEEEeeeeee!

She is an adorable Lab/Collie mix (What would that be Labrollie, Collidore, eh I dunno…). She is a puppy, and full of energy, but still loves to cuddle it up!  Would she be a welcome addition to your family?

Check out her profile, or don’t delay (Procrastination makes you deaf.  I’m pretty sure I heard that somewhere.) fill out an Adoption Application now!