Zoom, Zoom, Zuma!!!!

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: Medium
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: 225.00

Hi! My name is Zuma. I am 7 years old and the sweetest boy ever.

Before being rescued, my life was hard. My foster mom does not think I have ever had anyone that loved me. Initially, I was scared, but after a day or two, I realized that love is the most wonderful thing in the world.

I discovered how fun toys are, how soft a couch can be and having my own fluffy blanket is the best thing ever!

I am still nervous around loud noises and sudden movements but I am slowly learning that these things are not here to hurt me.

I love snuggling with my foster dog siblings and the little girl who lives here. The little girl lies with me and rubs my ears. It puts me right to sleep. She’s five.

I am hoping I can find a family that will love me and help me continue to learn that love is a wonderful thing.

As mentioned above, Zuma is around 7 years old. He is neutered and potty trained but has attempted to mark inside once or twice. However, he does know that he needs to go outside and will let me know when the urge strikes.

He is a true beagle and will follow his nose. Zuma is learning to come when called but can be easily distracted. While not normally noisy, he will bark when he sees a bunny or a squirrel!

This also means that Zuma loves food and will try to steal from the counters and trash. He is learning very quickly that this is not appropriate behavior.

Zuma is very observant and will watch the TV. He will respond to loud noises and if the characters on the TV gesture in certain ways (lifting their arms and such). However, he is getting better at realizing the TV is not a danger to him.

Zuma gets along very well with our other dogs and my daughter. Quick movements will make him nervous, so if he goes to a house with children, they should be old enough to understand that he will need quiet and soft movements.

While Zuma may be fearful at times, he is the best snuggle buddy in the world. He loves to be near someone and cuddled under their blanket. He is very laid back and just wants love.


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