Beautiful chocolate beagle looking for her forever home!

: Female
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hi! My name is Zoey! (My friends call me Zo) I am a 7 year old chocolate tri-color beagle.  (Phew!  That’s a mouthful.)  I also have mottling on my legs, shoulders, and belly.  Don’t worry, my foster mom had to look that up too. I came to join my foster family in early July.  I made my trip all the way from Tennessee in one day!  I was Ex-Hau-Sted.  By now, I am starting to get settled into life here with my foster family.  I have two foster brothers.  One is called Brady.  He is a 3 year old beagle (a BBRH alum) and is my favorite (I prefer dogs that are my size).  My other foster brother is Reagan.  He is a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback and is muchhhhhh bigger than me. I get along with both of my brothers, but love to wrestle with Brady.  When he doesn’t play exactly when I want, I like to use my voice to tell him to play with me.  Gets ‘em every time!
My foster family is awesome!  I didn’t know what I was missing, but they have taught me that us doggies should potty outside, that we can play with ALL the dog toys (and not have to pick just one), and that I get a treat if I sit.  This is soooooo cool! PLUS- my brothers and I get to go on walks with our people, we love smelling the neighborhood! I think my favorite part is when we all run outside in the yard.  Brady likes to tell everyone that he is outside with a Bayyyroooooo, but I prefer to sniff quietly.
I came to BBRH because my previous family left me at a shelter.  I was very scared, but BBRH took me in and quickly put me with a foster family.  I immediately knew that I could count on these guys.  They made me feel safe. Sometimes I forget that I can trust my foster family and I get scared when they start to leave.  My foster parents are being patient and teaching me that it is okay to trust them.
I like to hang out with my foster brothers during the day.  While my foster people are at work, we play, wrestle and get into shenanigans. I really, really miss my people when they are at work.  I would honestly prefer if at least one of them could stay home. I show them how much I missed them by greeting them at the door when they come home.  I don’t even run outside until I get my hug! I really like hugs, but I LOVE to be picked up and held. Especially by my foster mom, maybe it’s the way she smells, or that she is a girl like me, but I really like to be around her. I even help her with the chores!  Whether she is cleaning, doing laundry, working on projects…I am always with her!
You know what I love about being a rescue dog?  I love that I know that a family is out there looking for a dog like me! And until that family finds me, I will be happy, healthy, and safe with my foster family.
I hope that my future family has another small dog for me to play with. I have really enjoyed playing with Brady. If they don’t have a dog, I hope that they at least have a family member who stays home during the day; I get sad when I am by myself. I really hope they like short walks each day.  I absolutely love to walk about a mile each day. I have been introduced to a child before and liked them, but I haven’t been around them other than that. I think that I would like children based on the toddler I met! She was very gentle when petting me and liked my kisses! I am not sure that I have met a cat before, I really don’t know if I will like them or not.

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