Smart dog who loves to play, does well with children and other dogs.

: Female
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Minimal
: Yes
: Yes
: $150

Willow, is a one year old beagle mix who can only be described as delightful.

Willow considers herself a professional cuddler- she wants nothing more than to curl up next to you and make you feel loved. She likes going on walks and playing, but she will definitely calm down to relax with you because humans are her favorite thing in the universe!

If she’s not getting attention from you, she is perfectly content to lie down (she curls into the tightest ball) or to chew on a toy. She is not a vocal dog because she knows she’s gorgeous enough to get your attention without it! Willow is potty trained and doesn’t chew on human possessions! She loves children and other dogs and she loves you, even though she hasn’t met you yet!

Willow has ups!  Thus, a 6 foot fence will be a necessity for her foster family.

If you’re looking for a loyal best friend, Willow is the one for you!

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