Energetic and eager to please

: Male
: Medium
: Puppy
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hi guys, I’m Westley! I’m a (barely) 1 year old coonhound mix. I love people, dogs, toys, snacks, soft beds, chasing my tail, and life in general.

I’m all about exploring new things, and so love walks and car rides. I get along great with my two fur brothers (they’re both bigger than me), and love jumping in to wrestle or run with them. Sometimes they get too much for me though, and I know that those times it’s ok to just step back and go curl up with my foster dad instead.

Dad says I’m definitely the cuddliest of the bunch. I’m not a velcro dog, but I like to at least know where my people are, and am likely to be found on a couch near you, if not with my head in your lap.

I was very anxious and nervous when I first came into rescue, but have since really warmed up. Whereas I used to wail in my kennel, now I’ll hop in there if you give me a treat, and sleep quietly through the night (or day, if you’re going to work). I’m also fully potty trained, will sit on command, and HW-. I would do best in a home where either I have constant human companionship, or there’s another dog around to play with.

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