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Toby: The Big, Beautiful Brown-Eyed Boy

Hey everyone, my name is Toby and I’m looking for my furver home! Let me tell you some things about me so that you can get to know me and see if I could be a part of your special family. First of all, the vet says I’m about one year old, and I weigh 43 pounds. The vet and my foster mama also tell me I’m likely a Beagle/Bulldog mix (otherwise known as a Beabull). I’m not sure what that means, but mama says, in simple terms, I am a solidly built Beagle with a big head and broad chest.  My foster mama says that I extremely intelligent, love being in the company of my humans, an extremely devoted and loving, and will happily follow my foster mom around most of the day. I have a great appetite and am very affectionate with all of my human family members. I’m pretty mild mannered and enjoy lazing about, (like Bulldogs) but have bursts of activity where I like to run and play with all of my fur siblings. I also love it when my humans take me on walks. I don’t pull on the leash very much; it just makes me happy that I am walking with my humans.

I was found as a stray in TN. I went to a shelter, where I stayed for a short time. My foster mama saw me on a BBRH posting asking for a foster family on the same day that I was going to be euthanized! I’m so lucky BBRH rescued me, and every day I show my foster mama just how grateful I am by being a loving and loyal dog.

I have five (yes five) fur siblings, and I get along with all of them. I don’t have to be in charge, but I’m not so scared and shy that I don’t play with them either. I have two siblings that are Greyhounds, (boy, they sure can run faaasst) that I like to “try” and run with. I can’t keep up though; my body is not long and lean like theirs. I have three other siblings that are Beagle mixes, and two of them don’t really play with me. There’s this young one though, who’s about my age (16 months) and she’s a Beagle/Husky mix. Foster mama always tells me she’s like a blender with the top off. I don’t know what that means, but I’m guessing it has to do with she’s crazy and likes to play a lot. We frequently run around the yard together and wrestle. She’s taught me this fun thing to do with sticks…..we find them in the yard and then each chew on an end. Sometimes we even tease each other with who has the best stick.

Mama calls me her big, brown eyed guy b/c I guess I have big, beautiful brown eyes. I don’t care what she calls me b/c every time she calls me by name (which I know) or tells me how beautiful my eyes are, she gives me lots of love, and I LOVE that!

I learned how to sit right away, I know the word “no”, I’m learning shake, I don’t bark at my neighbor dogs when they run up and down along our chain link fence, I come in from the yard when mama calls me, and I’ve learned how to “kennel”. At first I didn’t like going into the kennel b/c I thought I would have to stay there. In less than a week I learned that the kennel is safe and that mama always gets me out. Mama told me I had to learn how to be in the kennel b/c there are times I have to be in it. She also said that since there are five other dogs, I need to eat my meals in the kennel so there aren’t any dog fights. I am a very good boy about this b/c as mama gets the meals ready for all of us I sit in the kitchen and quietly watch her. I don’t even try and eat the food of my two fur siblings that don’t eat in the kennel! Mama also says that if I were the only dog, or maybe only had one fur sibling, she wouldn’t make me be in my kennel when she’s gone b/c I am just that good of a boy!

When mama gives all of us treats, (she always gives us treats after we’ve gone out and done our business for the last time at night) I know my place in the order and don’t try and take any of the other dogs’ treats when mama is giving them to us. I’m just so happy to have the treats that I wait patiently.

I love to hang out with any of my human family when I can. I enjoy lying right beside any of them, but am not the kind of dog that crawls on your lap. When it comes time for bedtime, I will gladly sleep with you if you will let me. I REALLY like to be next to my humans. J

In addition to having lots of fur siblings, my human family is big, too. There’s always something going on, and I go with the flow pretty well. While mama says there are no children under the age of ten in the house, there are lots of kids that I often hear saying things like, “kk, swag, killin it, fam, bae”. They come and go all the time, have friends over, eat lots of food, (and sometimes share it with me) leave clothes laying around (that I have never even chewed on, even when the blender fur sibling has taken socks and told me that I HAD to chew on them b/c it was SOOO good-I didn’t do it) and give me lots of love! The kids are so good to me that I don’t even really believe it when mama says she’s the kids are having a contest to see who can make her have a mental breakdown first. Mama says that I am so good with every human that I’ve met that she thinks I would be just fine with younger kids, too.

My family has two cats, but they stay downstairs most of the time, where they are away from the dogs and can get attention from those same nice kids that give me lots of love. I’ve gone downstairs with my foster mama and haven’t paid too much attention to the cats. One of them hissed at me, and I just went the other way. I think the kids are nicer than those cats!

Mama says another great thing about me is that I am completely potty trained! I’ve NEVER had an accident in the house! My human family has a sliding glass door that opens to a big back yard, so mama lets us out whenever we want to go. When one fur sibling needs/wants to go out, there’s usually one or two (or all) that will go out, too. I have never had to “tell” my humans when I need to go out so I don’t know what I would “say” if I did need to go out.

The only thing mama is working with me on is to not be quite as “worried” when people come in the house. Even if it’s my family, I will “sound the alarm” via barking some. I stop when mama tells me to though. If someone walks in that I don’t know, my “alarm” is a little sterner b/c I get a little bit afraid. When my human tell me it’s ok, I settle down and am ok. I just get a little scared when it’s people I don’t know b/c I’m not sure if they are “ok” or not. I didn’t like being in the shelter and I LOVE being in my home so mama thinks I’m just being protective of my family (I have to admit that I love my family so I do want to protect them, but I’m not aggressive or mean).

I am up to date on my shots, am heartworm negative, am neutered, and micro-chipped. I have big brown eyes, a big Bulldog head, a broad chest, and best of all, mama says that I have a BIG heart that is just ready to give you lots of love and loyalty for many years to come!

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