Very curious puppy!

: Male
: Medium
: Puppy
: Work in Progress
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 225.00

My foster mom has been dying to name a dog Steve & since I was one of her first fosters, she couldn’t pass up the chance. She really prefers I go by Steven though. I am a 4 month old Basset Hound mixed with something – foster mom thinks I look like several different dogs, but I have massive paws, so I think I’m mixed with a bigger dog, like a Bloodhound or a Black & Tan Coonhound, maybe? See all my black & tan? I came to foster with my little brother Stanley. At 22 pounds, I am bigger than him by 2 whole pounds so naturally, I am the boss. I’m a rough & tumble little guy and I love to play with my brother. Since I’m just a puppy, I’m very curious and chewing on things and running all over the place at top speed most of the day are my favorite things!! Occasionally, naps are fun, too and when I’m sleepy, I’m a snuggler. I have a foster brother here, his name is Magnus the Dog. He’s a 9 year old Basset Hound and wasn’t sure about us at first, but he’s warming up and now he chases us through the house and plays with us. I go potty outside all the time but I haven’t really figured out how or when to let mom know that I need to go. Stairs are a weird phenomenon I’m not so sure about yet but I’m trying to figure them out. Carpeted stairs are ok, it’s those wooden deck stairs I’m not crazy about. Do you like to sleep? Well I do!! Foster mom has had my brother & me sleep in our kennel at night so Magnus the Dog can have some quiet alone time at night. It’s easy to get us in the kennel & we don’t put up much of a fight at bed time. We both sleep through the night like little angels. We won’t wake you as long as we’ve had a potty break before bed and maybe some play time. Also, I LOVE to sleep on my back!

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