Stanley Puppy

  Likes to play on the Ipad!

: Male
: Medium
: Puppy
: Yes
: Work in Progress
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 225.00

I am the baby brother of Steven, we came to rescue together. I’m about 4 months old and I think I’m a Basset Hound mixed with some other bigger dog – you should hear my big boy bark I just recently discovered. Foster mom calls me her sweet, sensitive little man. While this is true, I do love to roll around and get puppy crazy with Steven and my foster brother, Magnus the Dog. I’m only shy until I get comfortable, then I’m ok. I’m only 20 pounds, just a touch smaller than Steven & he reminds me he’s bigger all the time. I like to explore mom’s huge backyard & collect all the sticks for her. You guys, there are so many sticks!!! I enjoy chewing on things and exploring my house and yard & I really love playing with my dog brothers. Sometimes I get so excited that I jump up on my back legs & pounce like a kitty. When we play with toys, we tend to love the same toy. Most of the time, we play nicely & just share but sometimes we don’t want to share, just watch us closely in times like that. Mom says were both very smart…so smart that she downloaded a game on her iPad that we play with. Every time I see the dog on the screen, I touch it with my nose and it makes a sound, so cool!! I like to cuddle but it won’t last long, especially with so much playing to do! I’m a good sleeper and I do well in a kennel. I’ll only fuss for a minute or two and then I’ll settle in & lie down. I snore just a little bit when I sleep, I hope that’s ok – I won’t wake you as long as I’ve had some play time and a potty break before bed. My brother and I are very sweet, playful little boys & my mom says she’s going to miss us. She’ll be ok, as long as we find other humans who will love us to bits.

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