Middle aged gentleman, looking for a fun and energetic family!

: Male
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 125.00

Well hello there! I’m Skipper. I may look like an older gentleman on the outside but inside there is a younger, respectable and slightly energetic man. My foster mom tells me I’m about 8 years old and I weigh around 37lbs. but at times I feel like a young pup! I am quite the intelligent man too. I know many commands and become ecstatic when my foster mom says it’s time to train. I love to learn and I really love to get treats!

My foster mom says I should go to a home with a yard and I am in complete agreement. Sometimes my young energy kicks in and I need a place to get it all out. I am respectable though. I do not dig or climb fences. I do like to let the neighborhood know I exist with my old man bark. All the other dogs bark so I can respond, right? If I get a little rowdy I quickly listen to my foster mom’s correction and come right in. She gets so excited that I listen so well!

I currently have 4 other dogs to play with and I quite enjoy them. I want to be friends with them all even though the grumpy old one doesn’t want to be friends with anyone. But even when she yells at me I respectfully listen and walk away. The younger dogs enjoy playing with me and help get that young energy out.

I also have a human sibling. She’s 4 years old and I enjoy watching her run about. I love when she stops to pet me and I have learned that she drops food at the table. She might just be my favorite human in the house! I know she is a tiny person so I never jump on her and I am careful when walking near her. I don’t want to hurt my food buddy!

I like to snuggle with my foster mom and dad. I’ll lay beside them on the couch and they will rub me and it feels amazing. Most of the time I lie on my bed on the floor. I enjoy having my own special spot to go to when I am tired. I have quickly learned to go here when foster mom tells me to as well. Foster mom says she is very impressed with my quick learning abilities!

Foster mom says my only ‘setback’ is I am a very strong boy. I surprised her the first time she walked me. I tried telling her she needed to keep up with my strength but she insists on teaching me how to walk calmer on a leash. There are just so many smells!!! Foster mom says I will need a strong owner for walking.

As of now, foster mom insists on kenneling me when everyone is gone. The kennel can be a very scary place and I can get nervous when in it. Foster mom is helping me realize the kennel is a safe place and we are working on being free when everyone is gone. I am not destructive when everyone is home but foster mom said it’s better to be safe than sorry when everyone leaves. We are working on being out alone for short periods of time and foster mom says that I am showing her I am a very good boy with great promise!


Skippers dad is an older gentleman who has recently entered a nursing home.  Skipper has been staying with family friends and he is doing great!  He loves the other dogs he has to play with!


Skipper is current on vaccinations, HW negative, neutered, and micro chipped.


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