A perfect companion.

: Female
: Small
: Senior
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

Looking for the most rewarding commitment you will ever make? Meet Scout!

Scout is an 11 year old beagle girl who came to us after her two-legged mama passed away. We were told that she was 14 but after meeting her we don’t believe she is that old. She clearly has some very good years left in her! She will return your love tenfold and melt your heart every day.

Scout has a heart of gold. She will be your shadow wherever you go. She is perfectly happy being a couch potato for hours on end, but she is a beagle, and likes to explore! She may not be at the center of the action, but she likes to observe and listen to everything going on around her.

Scout is incredibly healthy for a dog her age. She has some inner ear issues which cause her to be a little unsteady on her feet, especially when she first wakes up and is a little groggy. For this reason, she would probably do best in a home with no, or very few, stairs.

Scout does great around other dogs, children, and we think would be fine around cats. She rarely barks and is housetrained as long as she gets to go outside a few times throughout the day.

Can you open your home and your heart to this sweet senior and shower her with all the love she deserves?

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