Cute and funny pup!!

: Female
: Small
: Puppy
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 225.00

Everyone, meet Scout! Scout is approximately a 4.5 month old Beagle/mix who weighs 17 lbs. She is a very happy girl who loves to play and cuddle (unless she feels like playing). Scout came to us after being rescued in Arkansas, where she was found abandoned at six weeks old. While still a puppy, Scout is a very smart dog. Her foster mom is working on basic training, which Scout is starting to pick up on! Scout loves people and saying hi. In addition to people, she plays well with most dogs! She gets a little intimidated of the larger dogs because she’s just a puppy, but overall she plays very well. One of the more humorous friendships that has developed is between Scout and her resident cat. They LOVE each other. So if you have a cat who doesn’t mind dogs, she will get along with them wonderfully.


As with all puppies, Scout has some definite puppy behaviors! House training is in progress, but she is still having some accidents. The crate training is going well and she goes into her crate willingly! The biggest puppy behavior that needs more work on is the chewing. If you leave anything out that she may find interesting, she will chew on it. Her current favorite is shoes! Scout’s foster mom is working on commands such as “leave it” and “drop it”. In addition to finding anything to chew, Scout likes to play bite and is a bit mouthy. She has improved in this area in just two weeks, but will definitely need some more training in this area. While she finds the play biting all fun and games, her bites do hurt so keep this in mind if you have kiddos. We don’t doubt that she will break this habit! After all, she is teething.


Scout will make a wonderful companion dog and is sure to brighten anyone’s day. She’s a belly rub magnet who loves to be loved and show it.


Scout is vaccinated, spayed, hw negative, and micro chipped.


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