Rufus & RJ

  A pair of bassets who couldn't bare to be apart.

: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: $200

Rufus & RJ are a well-mannered, sweet, bonded pair. Rufus is the mom, she’s about 8 and RJ is her son, about 7. (We guess that RJ stands for Rufus Junior). They are housebroken and we haven’t crated them. When you wake up in the morning and come home from work, they will greet you with the sweetest little whimper noises.

They love short or longs walks, dog parks and other dogs. They are on the go when they’re outside like a lab, but as soon as they’re inside they lounge about like any good basset. They get very excited for car rides and enjoy going anywhere, even just quick errands and back home. For the most part, they are very low maintenance.

While Rufus is brave and charges into new situations without worry, RJ is fairly timid. RJ spends a lot of time following Rufus around, it’s very sweet. RJ especially loves keeping watch over the kitchen, (he’s very polite about it) he simply waits patiently for anything you might spare. They both seem to be afraid of our cats, and barked at them the first few days. Lately, they have gotten better and appear to have the capacity to learn the cats are part of the family. They get along great with other dogs, and do well around children.

They are looking for quiet and stability, and a few treats & pats along the way would be great!!

Rufaletta and RJ are both Heartworm Positive and have started their treatments.  Both are handling their treatment like pros!

Rufaletta and RJ are a bonded pair and they would like to find their forever home where they can stay together.

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