Little guy who loves tummy rubs!!!

: Male
: Small
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 225.00

Meet Rex!! Rex is a Jack Russell /Pug mix who is 6-7 years old!

Rex knows his name but chooses to ignore it if preoccupied with important doggy business.

Usually, though, he will come when called. He’s a happy dog who wants to be loved and really

likes tummy rubs. He also likes to play with other dogs but may fit best in a home with only one

other dog about his same size or where he’s the only dog. When he’s not playing he wants to

“protect” his person from other dogs and has picked up a few nicks as a result. He should

probably go to a home with no children under about 10. He’s apparently been spoiled and, if he

doesn’t want to be picked up or give up his toy, he does growl but has never actually snapped.

He would be a good watch dog; he did not like the Cox repairman coming into our yard but once

properly introduced he was fine. Rex also enjoys enthusiastically running around the back yard

and laying in the sun. His preferred spot is on top of the patio table. He can jump and climb

and loves to sit on the highest spot. He respects boundaries like fences and baby/pet gates.

He is not entirely crate-trained but will go in to eat or if motivated by a treat, so he can likely

adjust to it. At this time, he is accustomed to spending nights outside the crate and has

behaved well. He is housebroken and has had no accidents. He likes to go on rides in the car.

Rex does reasonably well on a leash but would do better with a harness. He wants to be a lap

dog and if he can’t actually be in your lap, he wants to be close by. He likes toys, especially

knotted balls. He may know the “sit” command.


Rex is current on vaccinations, HW negative, neutered, and micro chipped.

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