This guy is a super smarty pants!

: Male
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Minimal
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

RePete is a beagle/blue heeler mix barely out of puppyhood.

He is smart! Super Smart! RePete or Pete is working on potty training. He goes in his crate with a little help but once in there he is not destructive and he is quiet. He loves to cuddle and give little kisses. He plays well with other dogs, and after some initial curiosity, ignores the cat. Although, the cat is really old and doesn’t move much.

RePete likes to go for walks, play with the other dogs in the yard, and chew on sticks. He can climb a 4 ft chain link fence, but all he does is stand on the other side and cry. I think he was on a tie out before we got him because he does well on it in the yard. RePete likes to sleep in bed with you. He just curls up and doesn’t move all night.

Is RePete the right one for you? If his foster family wasn’t already at their limit of dogs, he would be theirs! That’s how awesome he is!

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