Hey! I got do what I gotta do!!

: Female
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00


Age: 1-2.  35lbs

Housebroken: Work in progress

Training: Minimal, but gentle and well-mannered


 Girls rule and boys drool!

 I mean, my foster dad is pretty hard to resist, but in truth, I prefer chilling and snuggling with the ladies of the house. I can be shy, but warm up quickly once I know you’re okay.



  1. Food, treats, Nilla Wafers, Doritos, oh and did I mention treats?
  2. Car rides!
  3. My kennel (it’s a safe space).
  4. Being close to my people. (But not in an obnoxious way, ya know?)
  5. Other dogs.



  1. Loud noises and fast movers are a little scary.
  2. Nail trims and baths.
  3. Tall grass tickling my tummy. Seriously, if you slack on mowing the lawn, don’t be surprised if I poop on the deck. (Girl’s gotta do what a girl’s  gotta do!)


Superpowers (that’s right, I have more than one):

  1. When I’m really excited—usually about my people coming home from work, I hop around on my hind legs.
  2. I smile when I’m happy!


Reece is current on vaccinations, HW negative, spayed, and micro chipped.

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