Inquisitive, loving, and loyal to a fault.

: Male
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

Howdy everyone! I’m Raider of the Lost Bark (one of my foster humans likes puns). I am a 1 year old Beagle mix. I am handsome (yup) and have soft, short, cream-colored fur. I weigh 35 lbs and am strong and healthy. I am ready to be your best friend, life-long pal, happy-go-lucky shadow! You can count of it!

You can count of me to unconditionally love your family. Crying babies make me a little nervous, but I can work on that. I love everyone I meet! I recently let a 6 year old girl carry me around like a baby and call me Ray-Ray for 3 days – what does that tell you? You can count of me to unconditionally love your dogs. I will run and play forever with the biggest dogs and let the littlest puppies chew on my ears. I will let them take away my toys and share my food. I’m cool like that.

You can count on me to amaze you with my ninja-like acrobatic skills. I have serious springs in my feet. If you want me to stay in the yard, you will need a 6 foot fence. I have great balance and will put my front paws up onto you ever so gently and quietly to greet you. You can count on me to keep your back yard free from bunnies that might eat up your flowers and plants. I consider them a menace to society. I am not a big fan of cats either. I will sniff around your house and yard a lot when we first meet. I’m not being anti-social, I just really want to get to know the environment and make sure it’s safe for you (remember, I am mostly Beagle). After I’ve checked everything out, I will come find you to report on anything unusual. You can count on me to snuggle next to you when you’re relaxing and follow you around when you’re busy in the house or yard. You see, I really like people. I’m confident and not afraid of anything. With my ninja skills, I can jump onto the couch beside you so quickly and quietly that you’ll wonder where I came from! My favorite place to be will be beside you, hopefully with a soft blanket, a belly rub once in a while and a soft squeaky toy to play with.

Let the nice people at BBRH know if you want to meet me!

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