Need a shadow? This guy will be sure to watch your back for you.

: Male
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

Quinton just wants to be your everything. He is a Velcro Dog that is happiest sitting or sleeping near you. He also is very vigilant about keeping evil squirrels and stray cats out of the yard.

He knows basic commands and is good on a leash. Because he wants to be near you when he sleeps he does not like the crate. He gets along with all dogs and loves toys! He likes to sleep with them under him so the other dogs cannot steal them away!

When Quinton came to our rescue we were told he was surrendered because of seizures. We have seen no evidence of it since his arrival. Based on his reported history he does receive a pill twice a day. This is a very easy to give (pop it in a pill pocket, put it into his food and it is done!) maintenance drug that costs about $25 per month.

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