Porkchop? Where! Oh that's me!

: Male
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Minimal
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

So here’s the scoop. The name’s Porkchop and I’ve had more than one person tell me it’s a very fitting name. My foster dad thought I was a basset/golden retriever mix, but now thinks I may be a basset/bloodhound mix. My previous owners thought nothing of leaving me chained up outside with very little care or companionship. Then one day some people came and picked me up. Then this nice man took me into his home. He has shown me how great living inside is and I’ll never go back to living outside again! I’m a fairly mellow guy, but get excited when the occasion calls for it.  I love a good walk and bounding around the backyard sniffing for the rabbits I know are there. I love to chew on things, especially a big meaty bone. But watch out, I love shoes as much too and will sneak them out of your closet and make them my new chew toy!  I’ve also been known to sneak bread off the counter when no one is looking!  I’ve also been learning ‘Sit’ and how to take treats gently.

Because I didn’t have much attention in my old life, I will probably be your shadow a lot, looking for a good head or butt scratch and then flop over for a good tummy rub! When you sit, I will lay down by your chair and just enjoy being near you and possibly chew on a bone. I’m really good with other dogs, but I might do better being the only dog at first, until I get settled in and then would look forward to having step-siblings. While I’ve been getting used to my foster cat siblings, I still find them interesting and tend to chase after them.

I would love to have a fur-ever home filled with love and hugs and walks and treats. I’m ready to love like no other. Will you be my fur-ever? I have a big golden heart under all my golden fur.

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