Champion Snuggler!!!

: Female
: Small
: Puppy
: No
: Work in Progress
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 225.00

Phoebe came in with Taco and Sweet Pea but is not a sibling.  She has the softest fur and is a champion snuggler!  She is part of a group of 63 dogs that came from Oauchita Parish, LA to Omaha in an epic transport run.  She is not a true Nebraska and did not enjoy the snow.  Consequently, house breaking is going slower with her.  She would prefer to have snuggles when you first come home, not do her business.  She is the rowdy one of the group and I call her Rizzo a lot.  She can be a bit of a pill with the other dogs.  She doesn’t realize she is not large and in charge.  She loves hard toys and will chase a ball.  She is naughty and then you look at her melty eyes and all is forgiven.  She is definitely an all American breed of dog with some shepherd in her.  She is microchipped, up to date on shots and on heartworm preventative.

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