Fun loving, affectionate basset mix - contact for information on making him part of your family

: Male
: Medium
: Adult
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**Please contact if you are interested in making Petey part of your family. He is not currently fostered through BBRH.**

Petey is a very loved dog whose mom has come to a point in her life that she can no longer keep him. He has completed basic obedience training and he knows his commands though he can be stubborn at times. He is a mix of both Basset Hound AND Dachshund (and Lab?). This combo created a fun loving, very affectionate guy but he has an independent streak that Basset and Dachshund people will find very familiar. He gets along very well with dogs in the home but likes to bark at them on walks.

He needs a fenced yard and would probably do best in a single family dwelling. He makes dog friends easily, has been around a cat, and has been gentle with small children. He does fine with a daily walk and a romp in the yard.

Note- His obedience training included a discount on in-home lessons. If he stays local to the Lawrence/Kansas City area that discount can travel with him and the trainer will happily work with his new owners if they wish to continue his training or if they have questions.

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