A happy, energetic, inquisitive hound. Who does well with other dogs and children.

: Male
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Rock Star
: Yes
: Yes
: $150

Need a running partner who never gets tired? Milt’s your man! (Er…dog.)

This young, hilarious pup will entertain you with his antics all day long…right up until he snuggles up and crashes at bedtime. Although he loves other dogs and children, this independent (some might say evil) genius’ true passion is plotting how to take over the world.
…Or steal your dinner.
…Or access the pantry.
…Or open the back gate.
…Or tear up your down pillows.

In addition he is a social media darling. His Flickr page will leave you saying “Grumpy cat, who?” Don’t be scared, now that he’s neutered he’s 98% hump free!

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