Quiet as a mouse!

: Female
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hi, I’m Mattie the Beagle. I’m about 8 years young and looking for my forever family.  I’m not fussy; I have plenty of love to give to a whole bunch of people (big & small) or just one special someone to call my own.   I’ve been told that I’m so sweet and just fun to have by your side.  I’m learning all about being an inside dog and to tell you the truth, I LOVE IT!!!  I adapted to my foster family’s schedule and I haven’t had any bathroom accidents.  I enjoy looking out the window and watching the neighborhood.  My foster mom says I wouldn’t make a very good watch dog; I’m too quiet.  Yes, it’s true…I’m a quiet beagle.  I just love running the perimeter of the fence, sniffing out all the bunnies and racing back when I hear my name called.  The neighbor’s dog tries to talk to me but I am too shy and don’t answer him back.  I did bark once to tell my foster mom about a skunk I saw.  We quickly came inside…did I mention that I am easy to pick up and carry? 


A little about me: I’m slightly a work in progress with my commands, but boy do I love all the positive reinforcement when I get them correct.  My favorite reward are those things called belly rubs!!  Yup, I will do anything for a belly rub.  I’m also very curious and like to follow my foster family from room to room.  Initially, I waited to be invited but now I understand that I’m allowed to go all over.  I don’t want to brag, but I’m about 90% trustable to leave out when you are gone.  Occasionally, I see a box and, well, that is my downfall.  Boxes & papers…but not furniture.  I don’t chew on those hard things. I love it when people talk to me.  I can sit and listen for hours.  I just snuggle right into them.  Sometimes, I even fall asleep on their laps.  I have a stuffed monkey and pink bunny which I carry with me from room to room.  I “dine” in my crate for breakfast & dinner but I take my snacks during the day with my furry foster sister.   If the door is open, I like to go in & out of my crate during the day.  However, I get very anxious if I am locked in there for any length of time.  That’s why my foster family is working with me to be 100% house trustable.  

I enjoy meeting new people of all ages and other dogs. I haven’t met a cat yet, but I’m sure with the right introduction I could get along.  My foster mom says I am a true heart-melter with the gentlest disposition.


Mattie is current on vaccinations, spayed, and micro chipped. She is currently undergoing treatment for HW Disease.


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