Unique little girl looking for a fetching partner!

: Female
: Small
: Puppy
: No
: Work in Progress
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 225.00

Hello World!! My name is Madeline (or Maddy for short).  I am a 3 1/2 month old Boxett and I weigh 15lbs!  You may be asking yourself, what is a Boxett?  Well I am a mix of a Boxer and a Basset!  Pretty cool huh?   I think so!  J


I pick up pretty quickly on commands such as sit and no, however I am still a puppy and have lots of energy.  I love to cuddle with you after I finally tire out from playing and fetching.  Sometimes I  just don’t want to give up the toy I am playing fetch with.  After all, playing fetch is my favorite activity. 


I love my foster sisters (beagles), but they are too old to play with me. I do kennel and sleep through the night. Sometimes I get to sleep on the human bed for an hour in the morning and  I love to snuggle with covers over me.   I am working on outside potty training and  I kind of get it,  I just haven’t figured out how to ask yet and will have accidents.   I think I will get along with any dog and I absolutely love humans.  If you are looking for a rambunctious puppy for your current furry friend or kids,  I am the one for you!!


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