Macho & Lil Bit

  A Dynamic Duo!!!

: Female
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 300.00

Woof! (Hello!) Our names are Macho (male with black eye mask) and Lil Bit (female with brown ears) and we are ready to RUMBLEEEE!!! We are bonded 2 year old basset/rat terrier mixes with the stature of a basset but the energy of a rat terrier. We love to play, sniff, and in general run around and would do well in a home with a fenced backyard to wear us out and a big comfy spot to snooze in once we’re done playing. We are potty and kennel trained, altered, dewormed and generally ready to go! We pull on our leashes a bit just because we’re so ready to see the big wide world (well fit harnesses would help us 😊). We love going to the dog park to see other dogs, and although “Eye of the Tiger” is blaring in our minds as we frolic around, we come when we’re called especially if there’s a treat. We’re working on training like “sit” and although we’re not 100% there yet, we’re VERY attentive when you have that treat in your hand, so should be easy to train. We bark at unexpected things and noises in our yard but are very friendly with other dogs, we just get startled sometimes! We haven’t had experience with cats, but like kids well enough and didn’t jump/bark at them. To be honest, small humans usually have a treat to share with us so we like them! Although neither of us are alpha dogs, we will push our way to the front of the pack in order to get a good pet. We love attention and we love you! Please ask to meet us today!


Macho and Lil Bit are current on vaccinations, HW negative, altered, and micro chipped.

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