Loveable Leo!!!

: Male
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

My name is Leo, as in LOVEABLE LEO!! I think I am a 2-3 year-old, beagle/corgi mix. I was picked up as a stray down south and put in a shelter, but now I am looking for my FUREVER home. I was so happy someone picked me up, as I was in pain, suffering from a fractured pelvis. The kind people at the shelter did everything they could for me, but I think they knew no one would adopt me with my injury. They contacted Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland who found me an awesome foster home. By the time I arrived to my foster home, my injury had been healing and the vet said it was looking good. And then, my foster parents took me back a few weeks later, and the vet told them I was healed!

My foster parents think I had a family before my injury because I was potty trained when I came to their home. At first, I would only go to my foster mom, but eventually I learned from my foster dad that men are caring and kind too…now we are BFF’s!! I was not very interested in my foster fur-brother or in dog toys, but I recently figured out both are FUN!! I LOVE to play first thing in the morning and right before bedtime. My humans seem tired, but if no one wants to play, then I can keep myself amused with toys. I also take a toy to my foster parents’ bed with me, and keep it close. Then when I wake up, I run out to my foster fur-brother and we play and play and play. He likes to take all the toys outside, but my foster mom taught me how to bring them back in on command.

I love to cuddle and play. I am great with little kids-especially when they cuddle with me and play with me! I get along well with and am submissive to other dogs, once I figure out they are not going to hurt me or my humans. When I first meet a dog, I usually bark, but not for long. I haven’t yet learned how to howl like my foster fur-brother, but my humans say I am a good protector and have a BIG DOG BARK that would scare away anyone who isn’t supposed to come into my home. I don’t know what a cat is, but I would probably bark at it for a little while until I figured out it was a fur-sibling. My humans also say I am very smart, as I already know several commands, like “outside,” “lay down,” “toy,” and “no.”

My perfect FUREVER home would give me LOTS of attention and LOTS of cuddles. I stay in bed all night-I love to sleep with my humans. I will stay in a kennel all day, but I don’t need to do so because I don’t chew or get into anything while my humans are at work.

I will protect you FUREVER if you will be my FUREVER FAMILY!!

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