June Bug

  Simple daily requirements needed: food, toys, and lots of CUDDLES!!

: Female
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hey, guys!! My name is June and I am ready for my interview for the position of your best friend.


  1. Tell me about yourself.I am a 1 year old beagle/hound mix and I weigh 32lb.  I am completely adorable and fun, not to brag.


  1. What is your greatest strength?I am incredibly happy all the time. I start off everyday in a good mood (my wagging tail hitting the side of my crate is my foster mom’s alarm clock) and my great mood continues throughout the day. Everything brings me joy. The sound of your voice will make me wiggle with excitement and nothing is better than getting to spend time with you. If you hire me, I will bring a smile to your face every day.


  1. What is your weakness? My biggest weakness is I can have too much passion for my job. I really want to show you how much I love you and sometimes I forget my manners and jump up on you so you have easier access to pet me. My foster mom tells me this is not polite, so I am trying to work on it. I have a lot of energy, so while I am happy to rest in my crate all day, I want to play when you get home! I think I would like to have a big backyard to run around in and a family that likes to spend time with me.


  1. What do you like to do for fun? I love to play! A lot. I love toys with squeakers and I will happily play fetch and tug of war all day!  I LOVE running laps around the backyard or house with my puppy foster brother. I also really appreciate it when I get my belly rubbed.


  1. Are you able to work with others? Yes, I absolutely love my foster puppy brother and sister. I actually think I would prefer to have a playmate. I get along just fine with children too!


  1. Do you have any special skills? I come when I am called and can sit when asked (although sometimes you have to ask a couple of times because, holy cow, I am excited for that treat). Additionally, I am housebroken.


  1. What are your salary requirements? I require food, toys, and daily cuddles. Also, I hope that you will give me a lot of treats if I am a good girl because I really, really, REALLY like treats.


  1. Why should we adopt you? Because I am the sweetest and happiest dog you have ever met! I will love you so much. I have a lot of energy, but after we are done playing, I am more than happy to snuggle up next to you.


  1. Anything else we should know? I am micro-chipped, spayed, and up to date on all my vaccines.  June Bug is HW positive and is undergoing treatment.

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