Goof ball! Great with other dogs and kids. Guaranteed to make you smile!

: Female
: Small
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Minimal
: Yes
: Yes
: $150

This cutie is Josie, a three year old Beagle mix from a MO shelter.

This girl is a real clown, who has brought many laughs to her foster family. She falls asleep on her back after a few moments of belly rubs, turns circles when being scratched on the rump, and is quite happy to follow you around the house wagging her tail the whole time! Josie also has a great energy level.  She is playful, but calms down perfectly when it is time to hang out on the couch.

Josie is gentle and takes treats very nicely. She enjoys walks, playing with toys (although squeak toys are still a bit scary), and playing with other dogs. She does a great job with going potty outside. She also does great during the day in a baby-gated area of the house. Her short little sausage legs leave her looking a bit uncoordinated sometimes so she has earned the nickname Sloppy Jo! Josie is a heart-stealer!

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