Joey... The Smiling Butler!

: Male
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Joey: The Smiling Butler

Hello to all you potential forever homes! My name is Joey and I’m looking for my forever home. My mom told me I need to tell you about me, so here it goes………

I am a neutered, up to date on shots, micro chipped Beagle mix that is about 4-6 years old. I live in a home with lots of fur siblings and quite a few humans, too. I don’t really know why mom tells me I look like a smiling butler……it might have something to do when I’m sitting very nicely for me treats at the end of the day. She tells me I look like I’m smiling and I sit very astute and stoic like; apparently something about all of that makes her think I look like a smiling butler. I don’t know what that means, but I do know that I’m really learning to love and trust in my foster home! When I first got here, I was pretty quiet and kept to myself, but now I’m getting into the swing of things! I’m playing with toys now (in fact, I have claimed the stuffed, squeaky snowman as my own toy) and I’ve decided that playing my two year old, crazy, busy, happy Husky/Beagle mix sister is a GOOD thing! As far as my other fur siblings that are my size, I don’t really play with them b /c they don’t play with me. I have two siblings that are Greyhounds and since they are bigger than me, I’m uncomfortable if they get really close to me in the house. I like to run with them in the yard and I’m ok hanging out on a sunny deck with them, but otherwise they kind of scare me. For these reasons, mom said it might be best to be in a home with up to one other dog that isn’t bigger than me.

My foster home also has cats. I don’t see them a lot, but when I first got to the home, I was around them more and though I was curious about them, I didn’t run after them or try to hurt them. I did find out where there food was though and loved eating it. J

There are lots of humans in the house and I like them all! Mom said she thinks I’d do fine with younger kids (6-10) even though there aren’t kids that age in my foster home. Mom said there’s enough teens and their friends that come over that I’ve interacted with that she thinks I’m ok with just about everybody. There was a little guy over one day (he is 6) and I thought he was ok! He was nice to me and pet me and in return I hung out by him for a while and smiled at him. J

I get anxious when going for a car ride. It’s not in a bad way; I just am excited and want to sit very close to my humans. I love to go on walks and only pull on the leash a little at the beginning. I’ve learned my name and come when I hear mom call for me. I kennel fine with a Kong and a toy or two (I’m really digging my snowman guy so mom said I can take that with me when I leave). I am content to lie near you or by you if you want me to. I sleep all night (not in the kennel) and don’t get into any trouble. I am potty trained and if I was the only dog, mom says she thinks I would be fine with being left out of the kennel while humans are at work.

I really am a pretty fun and laid back kind of guy. It’s just taken a while to learn that I am safe and loved in my new home. In addition to all of that, I love belly rubs if you’re so inclined.

I’m the perfect age; not that crazy, full of energy puppy energy kind of dog, and not that slow movin’ senior age dog. If you’d like to meet me in person, so I can show you how good I look (with my smile and butler pose), then contact BBRH!



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