While a little shy at first, once she gets to know you, she will be your best friend.

: Female
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Minimal
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

Jazzy is an adorable 4 year old female lemon beagle who is just full of pure sweetness. She can be timid at first, but once she gets to know you, she will never leave your side. When she gets excited, she has the full body wiggle from head to butt. She LOVES to be next to her people. She would prefer her human to sit next to her all day and just pet and scratch her. Jazzy has the softest velvet ears and loves for them to be petted. She has the infamous beagle stare with her sweet, adoring eyes, and she is telling you that she must be petted and needs attention.

Jazzy gets along great with other dogs, and the right dog can get her playing and wrestling. Jazzy is wonderful with children and loves to cuddle with them. Jazzy LOVES her food and treats, and she is currently on a plan to try and lose some weight and increase her exercise. She doesn’t think it is a great plan and sees nothing wrong with her shapely figure!

Jazzy is learning how to walk well on a leash. She is completely house trained and is dog door trained as well. She is very smart and learned the dog door within an hour. Jazzy thinks crating is silly, because no one can pet her while she’s in there, so she prefers to avoid it. She does fine while in a crate, but her human may have to pick her up and put her in it. Jazzy prefers the chomping of nylabones to playing with toys. Jazzy thinks cats are very peculiar and annoying, so she prefers to have a home without any of those pesky fur balls.

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