A dog who has the tendencies of a cat. He does well with other dogs and children.

: Male
: Small
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: None
: Yes
: Yes
: $150

Hudson gets along with kids and other dogs.  He has not been introduced to cats yet, but we suspect he will do fine.  He loves kids, and likes to give them kisses.  Leaving him alone in the house goes well for his foster family, as long as the house is picked up.

You’ve heard of the cats who think they are dogs? We’ve joked, and had several friends who have met him comment, that we think Hudson is a dog who thinks he’s a cat. He loves to walk on the back of the furniture and can most of the time be found curled up in the corner of a couch, chair, or bed being a total lazy bones … until you bring out a squeaky toy. Then he goes from 0 – 60 in 2 seconds and is ready to fetch, pounce, roll and tumble!

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