Very well behaved puppy, who loves toys!

: Male
: Small
: Puppy
: No
: Work in Progress
: None
: Yes
: Yes
: $225

Huckleberry will steal your heart, and melt your soul. When he first came into rescue he was pretty scared. However, his first stop on the way to his foster home had three other dogs to play with, and he immediately perked up when he met them.

He is a very well behaved and laid back puppy. Approximately 4-6 months old, this little guy loves to play with any and all toys. Huckleberry does well with chewing on nylabones or antlers, but he does need to chew (as expected for a puppy).

He gets along great with other dogs, and will follow you around never wishing to be separated from you for long… or at all. While he loves to play, he also loves to snuggle. Put him on your lap and start petting him, and he will contentedly stay there for almost as long as you will stay seated.

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Dogs who have not yet been spayed/neutered prior to adoption require a $50 Neuter Deposit. Refunded once you complete the alteration process.