Gigi has those eyes that just melt your heart.

: Female
: Small
: Puppy
: No
: Work in Progress
: None
: Yes
: Yes
: $225

Gigi is part of the dynamic duo (with Luli). They are the wild child puppies. Always play fighting, always antagonizing the older dogs, always trying to break into the cat room. But when they get tired, they are also the cuddliest.

Gigi has those eyes that just melt your heart and she uses them to her full advantage. When she gets caught doing something naughty or she is too rough with one of her siblings, she just looks at you with her puss-n-boots eyes (you know, from Shrek!) and you immediately forget what she did wrong!

Gigi is your typical puppy – play, eat, sleep, play, eat, sleep. She is a beagle mix and as of 6/10 she is 8 weeks old. She likes to play with her siblings- especially Luli, play with anything, play hide and seek, and be outside.

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