Southern Boy!

: Male
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Fred is a male 1.5 yr. old southern beagle.   He has all the proper manners just like a good southern boy should.  He is housebroke, he does not chew on things, he is very well mannered with other dogs.   Fred really loves his foster dad and frequently joins him in the recliner for a good belly rub and nap (including snoring).   Fred is also fantastic with kids and follows his foster brother of two years old around and tolerates all kinds of hugs from his foster brother. 

  Fred plays well with the other dogs in the house, both male and female.   Fred weighs in at 40 lbs. and is a well-built beagle.   Fred walks on a leash without pulling and oddly is not much of a typical beagle sniffer, he walks head up most of the time.  Fred is kennel trained but is not currently kennel at his foster home as he is so well behaved.    When he is kenneled and you are still in the home he does cry for a few minutes but quickly settles down.   Fred sleeps in the bedroom with his foster mom and dad but he prefers to sleep in the dog bed at the foot of the regular bed.    Fred is still a young dog and will need activity and walking, but overall he is very content to just hang out either inside or if possible outside basking in the sun.   Fred is neutered, has all his vaccinations.   Fred would make a great dog for any family.    PS.  He has not been tested with cats, as the foster family does not have any cats.


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