Big Baseball Fan looking for his forever home!

: Male
: Large
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Why hello there. Thanks for stopping by to read about me. My name is Davis, as in Wade Davis, closing pitcher for the KC Royals. I’m a little bit of a closer too! Once you meet me, you’ll want to close your eyes and heart to any other pup but me!  I go by Davis, Davey, D, or even big boy. Big Boy is fitting, as you’ll see, I am a little bigger than the other pups in this rescue.  I am a 75 lb. Treeing Walker Coonhound, I basically look like a beagle, but with a bigger body and really long legs.

I am currently in foster in Topeka, Kansas, but I was rescued from Nebraska City, Nebraska in late September. In addition to their love of the Royals, my foster parents love to spend time with their dogs.  The have two dogs, Brady, a 3 year old Beagle (BBRH alum) and Reagan, a 4 year old Rhodesian Ridgeback. Even though I am the biggest in the house, I am extremely careful with the other dogs.  I know to play rowdy with the big one, but limit myself to mouthing with the small one.  It really is all about knowing my limits.  I even got to play with a Havanese over Thanksgiving.  He was a really small guy, so I was extra careful.  I didn’t even stand up!

You might be wondering about my voice. As you know, we hounds have a reputation for making all sorts of racket.  You’ll be happy to know that I do not fit into the stereotype.  I rarely use my voice, even if my foster brothers try to trick me into joining their songs; it’s called self-restraint guys.

My foster family is awesome! I didn’t know what I was missing, but they have taught me that us doggies should potty outside, that we can play with ALL the dog toys (and not have to pick just one), and that my kennel is my safe place. Before BBRH rescued me, I was in a not-so-happy place.  In short—I was terrified.  Even when I was first rescued, I had a difficult time with trusting people.  I loved my foster brothers and knew I could trust them, but my foster people were another story.  I am beginning to learn that I am safe, but sometimes I forget that I can trust my foster family and I get scared.  My foster people are being patient and teaching me that it is okay to trust them.  I now know that I am fine to come to them when they call, I go outside to potty when they tell me, and I come eat treats right out of their hands!  Just last week, I started coming to sit by the humans at night.  They give the best head scratches (my fave)!

While my foster people are at work, I get to guard the house from the safety of my kennel. I prefer to eat in my kennel, it’s a bed-n-breakfast sort of deal. Sometimes my foster people leave me out of my kennel during short trips so I can hang out with the other pups.  They don’t do this for a very long time because I have a case of the wandering mouth.  Wandering mouth is, you know, when us dogs get bored and start chewing on things that we shouldn’t.  I get it, if they aren’t home, in my kennel I go!

I hope that my future family has another a dog for me to spend time with. I have really enjoyed being with Brady and Reagan; they are my comfort pals. I am still working on my trust and make progress every day. I need a family who will be patient with me. I still startle at loud noises, so a family with young children or one that is loud wouldn’t be the best for me.  I am not sure that I have met a cat before, I really don’t know if I will like them or not.

I am current on my vaccinations, HW negative, neutered, and micro chipped!

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