This puppy will grow to be a big, hansome, mutt! One of our favorite breeds here at BBRH ;)

: Male
: Large
: Puppy
: Yes
: Yes
: None
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

How did I get my name? Mom said when I was first rescued my tummy was so full of worms and with my tux front I looked like Brando from The Godfather. Worm free and eating good food, I am now Brando in On the Waterfront- gorgeous!

Speaking of water, I love water! I also love toys, playing with my brother Bronson, chasing balls (not fetching yet) and snuggling. Oh, and belly rubs- you can do that for a few hours, I won’t mind. I am definitely the big boy of the group. I am already 33 lbs and less than 4 months old. Mom says I have a lot of lab, a little basset (big joints) and a little staffordshire bull terrier in me. She says my goofiness is pure pibble then she tickles me! Of course I am goofy, you are tickling me!

I have met the family cat but she won’t play with me. I tried but finally gave up after she hissed and hit me with her paw. She’s mean! If you want a great looking lug, I am your man.

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