I love everything! Could you love me?!

: Male
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Minimal
: Yes
: Yes
: $175

III’MMMMM Bennie! I am a one year old beagle MIX! Squirrels are fun to watch! Oh yeah, my foster mom tells me I’m a busy body. I love to play, explore, and be with my people. My best friend is Gus. Gus is my foster sibling (Corgi), we play, play, and play! We hang out on the couch together, look out the windows together, and even go on walks together. I also have a foster cat sibling. He has a bushy tail and those really pokey nails, but at the end of the day he is my best friend too!

I have a few favorite foods that I love eat…cheese, sausage, bacon, and ham! Give me any of these foods and I will learn anything you want to teach me or take any medicine you need to give me. My mom sure likes to brush my hair, brush my teeth, trim my nails, and give me baths. As long as I get to play I will let her do any of those things to me.

I am still a little timid of boys and men. My mom is working really hard with me to get me to trust them. I have come a long way since being in foster care. I love beds, pillows, and pillow cases. I am easy to please when it comes to toys!

I am potty and crate trained. I just want one thing – to find my forever home!

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