Little Barbie girl looking for her forever home!

: Female
: Small
: Senior
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 100.00

Barbie lives with 3 other dogs. Their ages range 3-10 years. She tolerates Todd’s (3yr old) behavior pretty well he’s a hyper little dude) and will play with him, although she is definitely the alpha. Todd is not a fan of being told off but he respects her authority. Barbie only has her front teeth and the very back molars but can handle dry food well, we just wet it with water. She is on medication for arthritis. She has almost no muscle in her hips/tail. She takes pain medication, Cosequin, a muscle relaxer and fish oil daily. However, all of this does not stop this girl. She is playful and adores her toys. If you bring home bags from shopping you had better brought her a new toy or she will tell you off! She really loves fuzzy toys. She uses her little front teeth to de-fuzz them. Currently she loves the super fuzzy Webkinz kitty. She rarely has accidents. It just takes a bit of work to develop communication with her so she can tell you she needs to go outside. She is a beagle and begs like no other. In fact, she will tell you all about how you should share your food with her even though table scraps are not good for doggies! I have had this argument many, many times with her. She does not believe me. She is a wonderful snuggler. She can jump on our couch (after much fussing to get mommy to baby her) but I keep stairs available to help her hips. She can not jump on the bed but prefers to sleep curled up next to my legs to stay warm. She has decided her dignity can suffer a little for bedtime snuggles. Barbie is the best nap time dog. She loves to burrow and snuggle for warmth. She’s such a good burrower you have to be careful when you sit down! She will blend right in to the blankets and gets very upset if she gets sat on! Barbie also has a 3 year old human sister. She does very well with her two-legged friend. Toddlers tend to drop food and this makes Barbie very happy. However, Barbie believes she owns all the stuffed toys and this can cause issues unless your kids don’t mind having hairless toys. 🙂 Barbie has never shown aggression towards our daughter, even when Vixie has taken her toys back from Barbie. Barbie’s absolute best quality is her personality. Think of the Mattel Barbie as an old lady in dog form and you’ve got this dog! Barbie loves trips and adores shopping. If you take her to the store expect to be there a few hours. She has to check everything out! She’s super sassy and bossy yet she is the sweetest girl. She’s 12 years old but I can tell she has quite a few years left in her. She loves to take walks. We do short walks so we don’t stress out her hips. She will also zoom about the house like a puppy if you get her going. She’ll play hard for about 20 minutes and then she sleeps for 8 hours.


Barbie would do well in almost any home. Our home is pretty busy. My husband works full time, I work part time and go to school full time. The longest she is left alone is about 5 hours. We try to time it so one of us gets home during a break to let everybody outside. For being 12 she’s got a bladder of a young pup! Our house can also get pretty busy and we have friends over regularly for game nights and such. So she is used to busy. If she gets overwhelmed I can guarantee she’ll go burrow in her blankets and ignore the world. The one thing Barbie needs more than anything is a great mommy/daddy that will adore her. Barbie is OK with men but really seems to prefer women. She is my baby girl and gets so excited every time I come home. I spend a lot of time with her and it helped our bond tremendously. When Barbie first came to me she was very off-put and nervous. The first few nights she wouldn’t even come in my bedroom. Now she sleeps in the center of the bed! It took her a few weeks to not flinch when I moved my hands and she soon learned that my hands meant love and not pain. She is not an attention seeking dog but she does need reassurance that she is loved and important to her owner. Barbie knows how to sit and shake. We have been working hard on waiting to eat her food. She can get pushy at meal times.


Overall, Barbie is the best dog. You get short bursts of puppy-like playtime that will make you laugh until you cry. You get an older dog who is happy to be loved and will take naps or watch TV with you on those gloomy days. You get a dog that loves to go on walks so very much you’d think she won the lottery. You get a dog that makes you realize getting old can be heaps of fun if you have the right friends.


Let Barbie come in to your life for 1 week. I promise you will fall in love.

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