A Big Bundle of Sunshine!

: Female
: Medium
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

My name is Bailey, and I’m about a year old. Since I’m young, I have lots of energy, BUT not too much. I’m happy to run around and play, but I’m also happy to settle down quietly and lay next to you. I’m just really happy to be in a human home. You see, I’m from TN and I was supposed to be a hunting dog, but I wasn’t interested in hunting so my owner took me and my sister and brother to a shelter. We were there for a month before BBRH rescued us and brought us all to NE to live in foster homes until we find our forever homes. I’m SOOO happy to be in a human home now! Ever since I’ve come to my foster home, mama says I’m a ray of sunshine; I’m always happy, easy going and have adjusted to so many new things.


My foster mama doesn’t think I was inside much because some indoor noises scare me, like the blender and vacuum cleaner. I bark at them when mama turns them on. But that’s the only time I bark; otherwise I just smile a lot and wag my tail. I have 7 fur siblings that I get along with. Five of those siblings are dogs. There are some that are bigger than me, some are the same size and one is smaller. I get along with all of them. The bigger ones don’t really play (they are Greyhounds and they run REALLY fast; I now think it’s fun to run with them). One of the other dogs is about my age and WE love to play the day away. The other dogs ignore me, and I’m ok with that. There are two cats in the house. I don’t see much of them b/c they like to be around the dogs. I don’t know why that is b/c I know I’m lots of fun! When I do see a cat though, I wag my tail and I smile, but I haven’t chased them.


I know that outside is for going potty (and for running around and playing). I get a little scared when there are loud or sudden noises. Mama is teaching me that it’s ok, and that I’m safe. For example, she does this by turning on the hand held vacuum daily and does some vacuuming. (I think our house must have the cleanest floors in the whole world). This way I hear the vacuum and mama lets me sniff it, run away from it a little and tell her that I’m kind of afraid of it. She then she reassures me that it’s all ok. I’m learning that I don’t have to be scared. The other night when mama turned it on, I sat by daddy and when he said it was all right, I didn’t even jump off the couch or bark! Mama says I’m a fast learner. I learned how to sit within a week of being here and within two weeks I learned my “place” in the treat line at night. I love to get treats! I’m very food motivated!


At first, when I came into foster care, I really didn’t like going into my kennel (after all I had just been in a shelter for a month and the kennel wasn’t a happy place for me). Mama taught me that the kennel is actually a GREAT place to be by feeding me my breakfast and dinner in there. I then stay in there for a little while, and then I get out. And dinner time is GREAT b/c mama always gives us a little soft food mixed in with our hard food. YUMMY!!!!!! I love dinner. Mama also gives me really great chew treats for when I have to be kenneled when my humans are gone. As soon as I see she’s getting my special treat, I know what I’m supposed to do! I happily go to my kennel, where I chew my treat and wait for my humans to come back. Even though I know that the kennel is a good place now, I love it when my humans come home!!!!! They give me lots of love!


I’m still learning about life in a home so I like to make sure I know where my foster mama or daddy is. I sometime follow them around a lot but at other times I’m ok to just lay in my bed and “know” that they are around. I ride really well in the backseat of mom’s truck and I’m friendly to all the visitors that come to the house. There are lots of teenagers running around here, but mama says that I’m so good that she thinks I would be fine with kids under 10 as well. I don’t really like loud voices; they scare me. When mama hollers at my fur siblings to come in from outside, or she sternly tells them to stop barking at the neighbor dogs, I use to tuck my tail and crouch down. I don’t do that as much now, but I do immediately come when mama calls me in from outside. I’m learning that a stern voice does not mean that I am in trouble or that I am going to get hurt.


I love to go on walks, but since I have a hound nose I still like to pull the leash. I just can’t help it; there are so many wonderful smells to experience in my new and happy life! And I am a hound dog, so my nose is my life!


Mama says I’m just about the best dog, I’m learning all the time. I want to please my humans, I got along with everybody, I have energy to be an active part of your life but I am also happy napping at your feet as well. If you think I sound like a good match for your family, I would love to meet you!


Bailey is current on vaccinations, HW negative, spayed, and micro chipped.




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