A real snorting, waddling, ears to floor, low riding AROOOOOOOING Basset Hound!

: Male
: Large
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hi. My name is Mr. Bailey (Bailey for short) and I am a 7.5-year-old Bassett Hound. A real, snorting, waddling, ear to the floor, low riding, arrroooooing, Bassett.

Pull up a chair and I will tell you my story. This first part is a little sad, but I promise, it gets better. I came to BBRH because both my owners passed away. I sort of lived in a house by myself for a bit and our nice neighbor took care of me. I was fond of my life in Missouri and it was so scary to leave my house. Although, I was getting pretty lonely. BBRH came to the rescue! (on to the happy part)

I currently live with my foster family in Topeka, Kansas. My foster parents love to spend time with their two dogs, Brady, a 3 year old Beagle (BBRH alum) and Reagan, a 4 year old hound mix. Even though I’m the biggest dog in the house, I am the lowest to the floor (Bassett joke). I love playing with the other dogs.  We can get pretty rowdy, but being a sausage boy, I don’t jump up on the people. (Do they call this vertically challenged?)

Being a seasoned dog, I know the ropes. I potty outside and am quick to do my business.  I like walks, but let’s keep them short……like me (Bassett joke).  I also like to warn my people of vermin with a robust ARoooooo.  From the Dictionary of Bassett Hounds: “Vermin are people, mailmen, bunnies, squirrels, and other critters that enter the yard in the hound’s presence.” Unlike other hounds, I only find it necessary to use my commanding voice when I am outside.

I really love my foster family; they help comfort me when I miss my old life in Missouri. I love to snuggle, sit on their laps (I am 67 pounds of pure love), and play with the other dogs. I enjoy snoozing on my own bed, but didn’t like the kennel. I am a seasoned dog you know, and I know how to behave in the house without supervision. (Looking at you, Brady).  If you really want to get in good with me, scratch my belly when I flip on my back.

I hope my future family has another a dog for me to spend time with. I have really enjoyed being with Brady and Reagan. If you don’t have other pups, I would love to have someone at home to spend time with. I’m still getting used to the idea of not being at my old house, so my new family will need to give me extra love. I am not sure that I have met a cat before, I really don’t know if I will like them or not. I have never been around a little human before. I’m sure that I would like them, but make sure they walk…otherwise they tend to trip over us low-riders!

I am current on my vaccinations, HW negative, neutered, and micro chipped!

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