Tiny but Mighty!!!

: Male
: Small
: Adult
: No
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hi! I’m Arlo. I am about 3 years old and I am super sweet. I’m also tiny for a Beagle! I only weigh 18 pounds!

I may be small but my heart is huge. I love everyone and everything. I currently live with other Beagles of different ages (young to very old) and I get along with everyone. I also have a 4 year old human that I adore. I love following her around and playing with her and her toys!

I am very good. I do not chew up toys or other items, I don’t dig or climb fences and I am 99% potty trained. I have some accidents occasionally. I’m working very hard to get to 100%!

I do have a sad past. I am blind in my left eye and have slight joint issues from abuse. My eye doesn’t slow me down but I do run a bit sideways. My foster mom says it’s a super cute run. My joints don’t bother me much but I do occasionally run on 3 legs. Sometimes I hold a paw up too. I’ve seen the doctor and she said I’m good to go, but I may need arthritis medication earlier than a normal aging dog.

In my past, I was also not allowed to have anything that was mine. So I do get a little possessive over items occasionally. I am not aggressive but I will growl to let you know I am uncomfortable. I am more protective of my items with the other dogs. I was punished in the past for standing up for myself so I tend to growl and run away when it comes to possessions. My foster mom is helping me learn I can have fun items and she’s teaching everyone how to share and get along. She said I am doing better and better every day!

I do understand my human family is not trying to take my toys, although I do need warning if I am sleeping. My human family says ‘hi Arlo!’ before petting me if I’m asleep. Sometimes I get scared if they don’t talk to me first. I was constantly worried about being in trouble in my past and I am quickly learning that people can be wonderful.

I am a snuggle bug and live for snuggles on the couch. I am kenneled while my family is away since I’m not 100% potty trained yet. My foster mom doesn’t think I would get in to any other kind of trouble and once I’m fully trained I can be left out alone.

I currently know how to sit and I am pretty good at coming when asked, though sometimes I’d really love to follow that bunny scent! I am fairly quiet but I will bark at squirrels. They keep playing in the trees and won’t come down to play with me! I don’t understand why!

I’ve never been around cats, but I do like to chase small animals so it might not be a great fit.

I would love any kind of family that will love me with all their hearts. I do need a family that is willing to help me move forward and leave my sad past behind. My foster family is helping me a lot and I need to know I will be safe and loved in my new home.

If you like me, I would love to meet you!!



Arlo is currently working on being comfortable in his surroundings and learning he does not need to protect his items. He is making substantial progress and has never even attempted to bite. He is definitely all bark.

He is the sweetest little guy I have ever met. I call him my pocket Beagle.

Arlo is currently undergoing heartworm treatment and needs to be neutered. He should finish these processes by November.


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