Beautiful Fox Hound looking for an energetic forever family!

: Female
: Large
: Young
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: 175.00

Hello FUREVER Families!! My name is Ally and I am looking for my FUREVER home!! I am a one-year-old Foxhound and I have LOTS of energy. My perfect FUREVER family would have LOTS of energy to play with me and run with me.

Before I was rescued, I was picked up as a stray and put in a horrible place with lots of other dogs. I was so freaked out, I barked all the time and almost lost my bark. I heard the humans say I was the one who needed to “go,” and that meant putting me on death row. The wonderful people from Basset and Beagle Rescue of the Heartland found my foster family and I was saved!! When I arrived at my foster home, I was so skinny and sick; and it was obvious that I had no training. I have learned a lot since coming into rescue. I used to think everyone wanted my food and often growled at my foster fur-siblings when they came close to it. And I would eat all of their food too. As soon as I learned I would always get food, then I stopped growling at them and I only eat out of my bowl.

I am fully house-broken and I am working on following other commands. I love to explore using my nose, especially in the kitchen; however, I have never gotten anything off of the counter. I know “outside,” “treat,” “toy,” ”sit,” “lay down,” and “no,” but being the stubborn hound that I am, I don’t always follow those commands. Sometimes I get confused about when it is playtime and when it is not-because it’s always playtime for me!! I also LOVE running around the yard, playing fetch, and chewing on squeaky toys!! If I had a basketful of toys I could call my own, then I would be in hound-heaven!  I might need a privacy fence because my humans sometimes think I will jump their four-foot fence to play with the neighbor dogs. I love going on walks and I am still working on not pulling when leashed.

I spend a lot of time in my kennel because sometimes my humans and foster fur-sibling don’t have enough energy for me. I’m pretty happy in there with my toys and an occasional KONG filled with peanut butter. I stay in my kennel while my humans are at work and school. Getting out of the kennel is my favorite part of the day!! I love to play with other dogs, but sometimes they think I am overly enthusiastic and don’t want to play with me. Someone told my foster family I should not be around cats, which is probably a good idea. I would also do better in a home with older children (10+) due to my energy level. At night, I sleep all night in my kennel and my humans really like how I wait to get out of my kennel in the morning without making a peep!

Will you be my new running partner, playmate, and FUREVER FAMILY?

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