Distinguished Gentleman looking for his forever home!

: Male
: Medium
: Adult
: Yes
: Yes
: Some
: Yes
: Yes
: $175.00

Um, hi, my name is Carl, and uh, I want to sniff you but I’m also kind of sca– WHAT WAS THAT??
oh yeah, sniffing you! I love sniffing.
I’m a pretty relaxed guy for the most part, I enjoy laying on the couch, playing with my foster brother, eating any treat that doesn’t eat me first (constant vigilance!), and nub wagging. I lost part of my tail and part of an ear, so I have a nub! Doesn’t slow me down at all, and I’m told I’m still handsome. Don’t be fooled by my salt-and- pepper-George-Clooney facial hair, I’m really only 3 or 4 years old. I was found in MO with an embedded collar in my armpit, so I’m a little sensitive around that area and never expose my tummy. I love pets elsewhere though! I don’t mind you playing with my paws, lips, or ears, and I’m very treat motivated. (I know “sit” and am working on “stay”! Stay is really hard when I know there’s a treat…) I’m looking for a home that’s patient with me and not scary, like the vacuum cleaner, that thing is terrifying. I look to my foster brother to show me stairs aren’t intimidating and all the good spots in the yard to pee. I love having a brother and would do really well in a home with an alpha dog to show me the ropes! I will gladly go in a kennel for a treat, although my foster mom doesn’t kennel me during the day anymore because I’m a good boy.  I am on a couple medications that cost less than $20/month but may not need to be on them forever.  I get along pretty well with the human puppy variety, as long as they go slow and let me sniff them first, otherwise I’m kind of scared! (I love sniffing) I pull a little bit on a leash, mostly because my sniffing leads me to curious and wonderful things, but I do much better on a harness. Even though I had the embedded collar wound, the harness doesn’t seem to bother me, just not too tight please! But overall, I am happiest when running free, and being pet and loved. Are you the human for me?

Note from the foster mom: Carl’s been dealt a rough hand; abandoned, neglected, infested with heartworm. It is a miracle to me that he’s so social. Although a little skittish, he’s a trusting, loyal, laidback dude that’s going to be a great addition to any family. (I’d like to think his favorite musical artist would be Simon and Garfunkel.) He deserves a second chance, please contact us to meet Carl!


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